h-beam assembly machine

Welding of H section steel is a normal kind in metal structural parts.H section steel is welded and,Formed from one each of top and bottom flange plate with a web (plate) connected. Normally, Web Plate is in the middle of H section steel, and two flange plates are of the same width or different & They are symmetric. In addition, there is another unsymmetrical kind which needs to be changed according to structure. H-BEAM ASSEMBLY MACHINE can do easily this operation manually & automatically in both mode.

Technical parameter

  • Web Plate Height- 200-2000 mm
  • Web Plate Thickness-  6-32 mm
  • Flange Plate Width- 200-800 mm
  • Flange Plate Thickness-  6-40 mm
  • Adjusting Speed-  0.5-6 m/min

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